On Thorns I Lay “Aegean Sorrow”

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Collective: On Thorns I Lay [Greece]
Release: “Aegean Sorrow” [2018, full-length album]a0631553098_16

1. Intro 00:47
2. Aegean Sorrow 08:53
3. Erevos 05:26
4. In Emerald Eyes 07:47
5. Olethros Part I 04:31
6. Olethros Part II 04:29
7. The Final Truth 07:43
8. A Sign of Sadness 04:17
9. Skotos 03:32
Total time: 47:25

Greek legends of heavy melodic metal return once again with a new album, second one since their recent resurfacing after around 12 year period of silence.
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Melodic (Post-) Black Metal Compilation – to hook you up!

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I once observed some people on teh Internet trying to assemble a black metal compilation that would be representative of the genre, and would work as an entry to the genre for people who think they might like it but don’t know where to start.

The idea was to have it representative – so not just a “best of” compilation. A bit of everything, gravitating somewhat towards the better stuff though (to exclude complete garbage or copycats), but from different countries of the world etc.

I’m not an expert on Black Metal, but I had an idea to make something similar for Melodic Black Metal and/or sort of popular nowadays Post-Black. I thought this would be more interesting for the wider public, since pure Black Metal is sort of “not for the faint of heart”, while the Melodic kind and Post-Black are often quite an accessible kind of music.

And it didn’t took me too long to accomplish the goal. So, here’s the result:

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Sacred Sin “Anguish… I Harvest”

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Collective: Sacred Sin [Portugal]
Release: “Anguish… I Harvest” [1998, full-length album]

Recorded at Exit Studios during 8 days between June/July 1998.

1. Ghoul plagued darkness 04:20
2. 13th moon 02:23
3. Lead of insects 03:18
4. Fire throne 04:10
5. Profane 02:53
6. Hope (still searching) 04:34
7. Aghast 03:52
8. Astral 04:40
9. Feathers Black 04:19
10. The shinning trapezoid 06:23
11. Seal of nine 04:19
Total time 45:11

Prologue ]

Portugal has always been somewhat “distant” on a metal landscape, despite being geographically closer than USA to the rest of the Europe (that is outside Iberian Peninsula – I know formally Portugal is Europe, but culturally it’s somewhat separated), and geographically closer to USA than the rest of the Europe is. If it wasn’t for Moonspell, I’d actually have a hard time to name any band from Portugal off the top of my head.

It was purely occasional that I’ve learned about Sacred Sin while exploring music online. To my surprise, Sacred Sin seems to have once been one of the most successful and known metal acts from Portugal.

Things became even more interesting when I found out that year 1999 album “Anguish – I harvest” is also a late child of mid 90-th tendency of metal bands to do more serious (grown up, mature, dull (-: , whatever) music, which resulted in many interesting albums being released all around the world. Opinions may vary, but to me this album is the true gem of band’s discography. Let me explain why.

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Slayer “Diabolus In Musica”

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Collective: Slayer [USA]
Slayer "Diabolus In Musica" 1998 CDRelease: “Diabolus in Musica” [1998, full-length album]

1. Bitter Peace 04:32
2. Death’s Head 03:29
3. Stain of Mind 03:24
4. Overt Enemy 04:41
5. Perversions of Pain 03:30
6. Love to Hate 03:05
7. Desire 04:18
8. In the Name of God 03:38
9. Scrum 02:18
10. Screaming from the Sky 03:12
11. Wicked 06:00 (not present on some editions)
12. Point 04:12
Total playing time 46:19

According to Metal Archives, the Japanese bonustracks are “Unguarded Instinct” (as track 8 ) and “Wicked” (as track 12), but Australian version has “Wicked” as track 11. I’m not in Australia, but CIS countries version seems to be same as Australian. Mine is.

(UPD: Metal Archives now say that “Wicked” is also on the Australian and European version as track 11″ – so apparently we’re dealing with European edition here).

Prologue ]
The legendary Slayer – the world’s #1 Thrash Metal band and an inspiration of so many other Thrash and Death metal bands – delivers a new work after a 4 years of waiting (that were only interrupted by a punk-songs cover-album release that made band’s fans all over the world rather worried than married) to mark a new era in their biography. Success or failure? Let’s take a closer look…

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